Comet Bio Achieves Self-Affirmed GRAS Status for PREbiotic Arabinoxylan Plant Fiber Extract, Arrabina

November 13, 2019
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SCHAUMBURG, Ill.— Comet Bio, a manufacturer of award-winning healthy and sustainable ingredients for the food and beverage industries, announced it achieved self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status for its PREbiotic dietary fiber Arabinoxylan Plant Fiber Extract, trademarked as Arrabina.

Comet Bio, with assistance from dicentra, a leading contract research organization (CRO) and consulting firm for food and supplement safety, compliance, and quality, engaged experts to proactively gather and provide the scientific evidence necessary to affirm this important FDA designation. The independent panel declared Comet Bio’s ArrabinaTM dietary fiber as safe for foods, beverages, and dietary supplement applications.

“Obtaining GRAS status is a significant milestone for the commercialization of our ingredient and is an indication of our strong commitment to the efficacy and safety of our ingredients,” said Rich Troyer, CEO of Comet Bio. “This status allows us to better serve our customers in the food and beverage categories with confidence.”

For an ingredient to be considered GRAS, scientific data and information about the intended use of the substance must be widely known, and there must be a consensus among qualified experts that the data and information established is safe under the conditions of its intended use. Arabinoxylan Plant Fiber Extract is a naturally occurring dietary fiber found in the cell walls of many plants. Comet Bio produces its Arabinoxylan Plant Fiber Extract from upcycled materials such as stalks, leaves, and hulls, making it highly sustainable. Arabinoxylan has been shown to support the growth of beneficial bacteria within the gut and help maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

“We are pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Comet Bio to help them achieve this important step for Arabinoxylan,” said Dr. Karol Wojewnik, Vice President of Business Development at dicentra. “Comet Bio has a bold vision for the future of ingredients, and dicentra is proud to have contributed to their success.”

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