By extracting the abundant and naturally occurring plant nutrition currently underutilized in our food system, COMET uses highly sustainable food sources to create a sustainable alternative that is scalable to the needs of our growing planet.  

Farmers utilize their whole harvest – such as wheat straw, corn stover and pea husks.

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COMET upcycles crop leftovers using only water, steam and a gentle filtering to extract arabinoxylan for ARRABINA.

Sustainable manufacturing: biomass CHP for steam, wind energy for power, low water use.

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Only COMET has a cost-effective solution to isolate and produce arabinoxylan on a commercial scale. Using sustainable food sources including straw, leaves and shells, our patented production process upcycles crop leftovers and turns them into high-quality ingredients. The proprietary extraction process is innovative and differentiates us from other ingredient manufacturers. This simple, yet hard to replicate process, uses only steam, water and pressure for extraction.


We ensure high product quality by partnering with farmers and food companies to source organic and non-GMO leftovers.  These partnerships benefit farmers and food companies by allowing them to profit from the entire harvest and reduce waste. 

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We are proud to be members of the Upcycled Foods Association and support the organization’s development of transparent third-party validation of product sustainability claims. To achieve real industry change, there must be third party verification of product’s sustainability from a trusted and credible source. The Upcycled Foods Association’s rigorous standards allow manufacturers and consumers to be confident in products’ ability to combat food waste.

ARRABINA is an Upcycled Certified™ ingredient (UI) after meeting the rigorous standards set forth by the Upcycled Certified™ Program Standards Committee with oversight by the Upcycled Foods Association.

The certification allows COMET customers to expedite their own application for Product with Upcycled Certified™ Ingredients (PUI) when formulations contain at least 10% of Arrabina®.