FOODDIVE: COMET Predicts Top Digestive Health Industry Trends for 2023


COMET, manufacturer of Arrabina™ dietary fibers, has unveiled its trend predictions set to drive digestive health industry innovation in 2023.

“Today’s consumers know who they are and what they want from brands,” said Hannah Ackermann, Registered Dietitian & Senior Manager at COMET. “They are looking for products that fit their unique health needs and priorities. In 2023, consumers will look for products tailored to their specific gut microbiome needs that contain sustainable ingredients. Given COMET’s expertise in these areas, our trends analysis will help brands create products and services that resonate.”

After reviewing leading market research on the food, beverage and supplement industry, the team identified three major trends –– Prioritizing Gut Health, Getting Personal, and Preserving the Earth.

“COMET is committed to being a thought leader in the digestive health industry,” said Rich Troyer, CEO of COMET. “We have anticipated these trends and invested to meet the demand for upcycled certified and clinically proven prebiotic fibers in 2023.”

Below are COMET’s three digestive health industry trend predictions. To view the full report, market research and analysis, visit:

Trend One: PRIORITIZING GUT HEALTH Looking to improve their overall health and well-being, consumers are increasingly turning their attention to gut health. In a 2022 International Food Information Council survey, nearly three-quarters of Americans ranked digestive health high on their list of health priorities, with 24% ranking it their No. 1 priority.1

As consumers become savvier about the science of the gut microbiome, they will be looking for ingredients that support the growth of beneficial bacteria linked to specific health benefits such as cognition or immunity. This will have a positive impact on the prebiotic category as consumers better understand the ingredients’ efficacy and proven benefits.

Expect to see an increased demand for prebiotics with clinically proven benefits across a range of health areas important to consumers.

Trend Two: GETTING PERSONAL Consumers are increasingly seeking personalized products. Almost four in 10 consumers report being much more likely to prioritize personalized options than they were one year ago, according to a 2022 McKinsey & Co. Survey.2

Before seeking out personalized options, consumers must first gain a deeper understanding of their health and body. Advances in technology, such as at-home genetic profiling kits, can now provide consumers with more information on their biology. While not the most genteel topic, bowel moments also reveal a great deal about one’s health. Microbiome tests using fecal samples can show the types and amounts of microorganisms in the gut. By learning about their gut’s unique microbiome, consumers can make more informed decisions about what digestive health products would be effective for them.

Expect to see an increase in at-home testing kits that provide insight into one’s microbiome profile by analyzing an overlooked health indicator – poop.

Trend 3: PRESERVING THE EARTH When making purchasing decisions, consumers are increasingly concerned about making choices that benefit not only their health but also the planet’s health. According to a 2022 Innova survey, the planet’s health is now consumers’ top global concern over the population’s health.3

Preventing food waste is a high priority, with nearly 70% of consumers having a greater intention of buying a product that is Upcycled Certified™, according to the Hartman Group.4 Upcycled ingredients prevent food waste by creating new, high-quality products out of leftovers. The Upcycled Certified™ mark allows retailers to feature upcycled products and assures consumers that these products help prevent the over 1.3 billion tons of annual global food waste.5

Expect to see an increase in ingredients with sustainability claims including Upcycled Certified™.


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