VALMET FORWARD: Inauguration of Meliora Bio’s biorefinery in Kalundborg, Denmark



Meliora Bio AsP of Denmark has now successfully restarted the former Inbicon plant in Kalundborg that had been idle since 2014. The completely modernized facility is now making advanced, second-generation bioethanol, innovative food ingredients and lignin products.

Inauguration of the modernized biorefinery took place on Friday April 28th, 2023, at the Kalundborg Eco Industrial Park in Denmark. The inauguration speech was held by the guest of honor, Canadas ambassador in Denmark Mr. Denis Robert

The official inauguration was followed by a tour of Meliora Bio’s modern biorefinery, which is a part of the larger eco industrial park called Kalundborg Symbiosis.

Kalundborg Symbiosis is an industrial network of both private and public companies which use green energy and green technology such as biomass-based steam and wind power. The park follows a circular approach for its production, where one manufacturer’s residual output often provides input resources to another one.

Aims for low CO2, energy and water impacts, as well as zero waste

Meliora Bio ApS, together with the bioengineering company COMET, upcycles crop residues from wheat straw that is collected from local farmers to produce second-generation bioethanol, prebiotic dietary fibers, and lignin. The biorefinery aims to have the lowest possible CO2 footprint, with minimum use of energy and water, while reducing its production waste to zero. This circular approach also benefits local farmers by fully utilizing their whole harvest, while also generating a valuable new revenue stream and improving the circularity of the food chain.

Valmet’s Bio Trac pretreatment process is a core technology in the state-of-the-art biorefinery that transforms the wheat straw residues to second-generation bioethanol. As a byproduct, the process also produces C5-sugar, which COMET utilize to make ARRABINA, a prebiotic fiber that is added in different foods to promote better gastrointestinal health.

“We are very impressed with the way Meliora Bio, and COMET have worked together to make this forward-thinking investment in the Kalundborg plant. It has been a great pleasure being part of this project from the first contacts to this inauguration today. And also very exciting to see how the companies are using the products from our pretreatment technology to support the clean production of healthy food ingredients, as well as biomaterials for several innovative industrial applications.” – Tomas Jonsson, Sales manager, Biomass Conversion at Valmet.

Technical information about Valmet’s delivery to Meliora Bio biorefinery – Kalundborg

Valmet replaced the biorefinery’s old feeding system in the bioethanol plant with a new biomass feeding system based on Valmet’s patented Force Feed technology and a new steam explosion unit.

Valmet will continue to support Meliora Bio to maximize reliability and optimize performance based on a two-year Performance Agreement. This agreement covers reactor feeding, discharge of second-generation bioethanol and C-5 sugar production. Services such as process evaluations, connectivity, Valmet Performance Center for active expert support, condition monitoring of mechanical equipment, spare part recommendations, safety stock, and training​ are also included.