Comet Bio announces positive results from preclinical study of sweeteners

Consumption of company’s sweeteners improved glucose tolerance in mice  

LONDON, ONTARIO – Comet Bio, a manufacturer of healthy and sustainable ingredients, today announced positive results from its preclinical trials on the effect of Comet Bio sweeteners on metabolic health in mice.

The 56-day study, conducted by Barnard College of Columbia University, analyzed 40 healthy mice fed a standard chow diet supplemented with either water (control), a commercial high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or a sweetener made from Comet’s Sweeterra™ glucose. Both the commercial and Comet HFCS solutions were presented at an 11% concentration to mimic sweetener levels in commercial sodas. Over the course of the exposure period, glucose tolerance improved in mice offered the Sweeterra™ based sweetener but remained the same in mice offered the commercial HFCS or water (control) solutions. Importantly, the mice on all three diets consumed the same total number of calories per day from the chow and sugar solutions. The study is ongoing, with final results expected in early 2020.

Impaired glucose tolerance, or prediabetes, refers to higher than normal blood sugar levels and places individuals at increased risk of developing diabetes and its complications.

“We are very excited about these positive pre-clinical results and the possibility that Comet Bio’s sweeteners, including glucose, may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Diabetes affects over 425 million people worldwide, and both high and low blood sugar levels are serious complications of this disease,” said Rich Troyer, CEO of Comet Bio. “These results are an important milestone as we advance our pipeline of ingredients that offer a healthy, sustainable alternative to current consumer products.”

“Comet Bio’s sweetener showed robust metabolic effects in mice in this study,” said Dr. John Glendinning, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Biology and Principle Investigator for the study. “The mice who were fed Comet’s sweetener showed improved metabolic health over the course of this study. The mice who were fed the commercial HFCS and control diets did not show this improvement.”

Comet Bio upcycles farm waste – such as wheat straw and corn stalks – into healthy, sustainable, and natural ingredients for use in supplements, foods, and beverages. The company’s Sweeterra™ syrup blends are a natural, functionally identical alternative to corn syrup giving companies a healthier sweetener option. Their Sweeterra™ 63DE blend has 35% less calories, lower sugar, and higher dietary fiber than traditional corn syrup, while their Sweeterra™ 95DE blend is the highest grade and product purity, and non-GMO. The company’s Arabinoxylan dietary fiber is a prebiotic dietary fiber that has recognized benefits for glycemic response. It can be used to develop pills or powders, or as part of a sweetener blend for gummies, bars, and drinks. According to an independent Lifecycle Carbon Emissions Assessment (LCEA), Comet’s ingredients reduce greenhouse gases by up to 60% compared to traditional corn syrup.


About Comet Bio
Comet Bio is a manufacturer of healthy and sustainable ingredients based in London, Ontario and Chicago, Illinois.  The company upcycles food and farm waste into healthy, sustainable, and natural ingredients for use in supplements, foods, and beverages. The company’s two flagship products are Sweeterra™ syrup blends and Arabinoxylan prebiotic dietary fiber that are natural and healthy without compromising on taste or performance. Their ingredients are more sustainable because they reduce greenhouse gases and help turn food and farm waste into an economic opportunity for farmers, food and beverage and nutraceutical companies. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @cometbio.