Nutrition Industry Executive: Immune Health Category Booster Shot?

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Hannah Ackermann, Registered Dietitian & Corporate Communications Manager, Comet Bio, Schaumburg, IL,

At different time points since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of the top-selling “vitamin category” products on Amazon have been for immune support.

Finished-product brands have, of course, been pivoting to take advantage of the surge—from developing new ads, to modifying labels and product information, to sending out third-party literature, and more.

Suppliers have also been tapping into this wave with their ingredient communications, newsletters and on social media.

So, we turned to a panel of industry experts and thought leaders to help us see where the immune health category is right now and what we can expect over the coming year.

NIE: The market, and demand for, immune-health ingredients has therefore changed in some ways. What categories of ingredients for immune health are now increasingly important?

Hannah Ackermann: Consumers are paying attention to gut health now more than ever. And they are making the connection between diet and a healthy gut microbiome. As consumers continue to gain a deeper understanding of how what they eat affects their gut health, there will be even more demand for not only foods that contain probiotics, but also prebiotics.

Awareness of prebiotics has grown to 81 percent, with 35 percent of supplement users taking prebiotics at some level, according to Ingredient Transparency Center (ITC) Insights’ 2020 Consumer Survey.

NIE: For ingredient companies, in a few paragraphs which one of your proprietary branded ingredients for immune health should finished product manufacturers take notice of and why?

Ackermann: Maintaining a healthy diet rich in gut-healthy foods including prebiotic fiber can have a positive impact on your gut microbiome and help support a healthy immune system. Our prebiotic dietary fiber Arrabina, an Arabinoxylan prebiotic fiber, is proven to promote the growth of bifidobacteria and help support a healthy immune system. Arrabina’s outstanding tolerability makes it unique within the prebiotic market.