PR NEWSWIRE: COMET Highlights “4 for 10” Gut Health Trends for 2024



Four Macro Market Trends Drive Our Top Ten Microbiome Product Opportunities Ripe for Innovation

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — COMET, the manufacturer of Arrabina™ prebiotic dietary fibers, has just released its trend predictions that highlight the most robust opportunities for microbiome-enhancing foods, beverages, and supplements in the year ahead.

“Interestingly, this year’s microbiome predictions have more to do with physical and social trends than they do with gut health, and this is a true sign of the times. We’ve looked at all aspects of the target biotic consumer, including what health motivators are driving them right now, generational and gender differences and what they see as perceived value,” said Hannah Ackermann, Registered Dietitian & Director at COMET, and added that, “And after reviewing leading market research In 2024, the COMET team has identified four primary Macro Market Trends that drive what we see as the Top 10 Biotics opportunities for the food, beverage, and supplement industry.”

“We’ve looked at all aspects of the target biotic consumer including what health motivators are driving them right now, generational and gender differences and what they see as perceived value.”Post this

COMET’s four Macro Market Trends include: Offering an Ozempic Alternative, Making Believers Out of Gen Zers, Formulating for Women Across Ages and Life Stages, and Appealing to Consumers Driven by Perceived Value. “This will be an interesting year ahead, as we’re seeing new ways to help brands grow market share with target-right products that resonate with both old and new biotics consumers,” adds COMET Chief Business Officer Loula Merkel.”

Below are topline details from COMET’s four Macro Market Trends and a bit about what that means for the biotics industry. Read the full report with market research, analysis and our complete Top 10 Biotics Opportunities for 2024 by clicking here:

1)      Offering an Ozempic Alternative

Product marketers should be keen to recognize that while today’s consumers are enamored with the dramatic weight loss effects of Ozempic (and similar) drugs available, prebiotic fibers can also plug into the conversation with improved insulin responses and appetite regulation. Learn more about how to ride the coattails of the buzzworthy Ozempic effect.

2)      Making Believers Out of Gen Zers

If brands are not clued into Gen Zers yet, they should be, as this group will surpass Millennials as the largest consumer base in the U.S. by 2026. How do biotics deliver on Gen Zers’ needs? This group seeks out a holistic style to their wellness and a transparent approach – preferably through social platforms and people they can trust. Read more about how to reach this unique set of individuals.

3)      Formulating for Women Across Ages and Life Stages

This trend essentially says that women know what they need and are no longer afraid to talk about it. Women have unique needs through their many ages and stages in life, including menstrual and vaginal health, conception, pregnancy, menopause and more needs that shift on a monthly or mid-monthly basis. Learn more about how a focus on the microbiome with biotic-enhanced foods, beverages and supplements can appeal specifically to women’s needs.

4)      Appealing to Consumers Driven by Perceived Value

Cost-effective products that deliver multiple synergistic benefits, whether actual or perceived, are the name of the game in this trend. Incorporating COMET prebiotic fiber can add more than just health benefits to a product but its patented upcycling technology used to generate ARRABINA dietary fibers lends itself to sustainability and environmental efficiency messaging that can improve your label. Reach out to learn more about directions that help uplift slowing sales in the supplement industry.


COMET is an award-winning food ingredients company based in London, Ontario, and Schaumburg, Illinois. COMET is the only company with the IP and expertise needed to perfect nature’s best fiber, arabinoxylan, an FDA-recognized fiber with superior tolerance in the gut and clinically proven prebiotic health benefits. COMET’s proprietary line of Arrabina arabinoxylan dietary fibers are upcycled certified and can easily be added to any food or beverage application. To learn more about COMET, visit

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