Comet Bio CEO to Speak at New Products Conference

Schaumburg, ILLINOIS – Rich Troyer, CEO of Comet Bio will speak at this year’s New Products Conference in Chicago on Monday, September 30 at 1:45 pm CST. The conference will highlight how companies in the food and beverage industry can re-think their business efforts, as well as showcase the latest industry trends.

Troyer’s panel, “Upcycling Uncovered: From By-Product Waste to Ingredient Treasure,” will showcase several leaders who are mitigating food waste through upcycling, and closing the loop on the food system. In the open discussion, Troyer will share insights on the company’s upcycling approach, the potential it has to add nutrients back to our food system, the importance of making each step in the manufacturing process as sustainable as possible, and the rising consumer demand for products operating in a nexus of sustainability, health, and functionality.

Comet Bio uses leaves, stalks, and straw which are left over after a farmer’s harvest as feedstock for its proprietary process. By doing so, Comet Bio closes the loop on the food system, provides an economic opportunity for farmers to sell their whole crop, and provide supplement, food, and beverage manufacturers the opportunity to enhance the nutritional profiles of their products while also boosting their sustainability claims.

In a recent study, 33 percent of consumers have stated they would support companies who exhibit sustainable attributes as well as strong mission-driven brands tied to a related social cause such as food waste. Comet Bio is poised to help supplement, food and beverage manufacturers capitalize on these market trends with its upcycled healthy ingredients.

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About Comet Bio
Comet Bio is a manufacturer of award-winning healthy and sustainable ingredients based in London, Ontario and Chicago, Illinois. The company upcycles crop leftovers into healthy and sustainable ingredients for use in supplements, foods, and beverages. The company’s two flagship products are Sweeterra™ syrup blends and Arabinoxylan Plant Fiber Extract that are sustainable and healthy without compromising on taste or performance. Their ingredients are better for the planet because they reduce greenhouse gases and help farmers take advantage of their whole harvest. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @cometbio.